Tlalokes framework

Tlalokes is a modern, very well structured, fast and easy to use PHP framework that helps you to write professional web applications.

1.0.6 is stable version. 2.0 is development version.

You can follow Tlalokes at Twitter and Identica. Also you can check the Facebook Page.

Ohloh removed the download option, however you can download a gziped tar from Gitorious or use this link directly to get a copy of the master source tree.

Tlalokes 1.0 uses Git for version control, and Gitorious as global repository:

git clone TlalokesFramework

Tlalokes 2.0 uses Github as global repository:

git clone git:// TlalokesFramework

User documentation in the wiki.

Some public web sites using Tlalokes are: Termas de San Joaquín SPA & Hotel, Dasza consulting services, Carspa body shop & detailing (spanish)

© Copyright 2009 Basilio Briceño Hernández